Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Courtyard Furniture

I am finally getting around to showing you our new courtyard furniture, though this area is still a 
work in progress.  I had ordered an outdoor rug but quickly returned it.  Though not inexpensive
it was definitely cheaply made.  After seeing it in the courtyard I am no longer sure that I even
want a rug. 

The two printed pillows and planter were purchased at Lowes and the royal blue pillow is from Ballards. 

Remember this fountain?  We always felt it took up too much room and was somewhat fancy
for our modest home.  It was sold to a neighbor and will be replaced with a smaller wall fountain. 
Boy,  this thing was heavy and it was quite a job to get it out of here.  Just the bottom piece alone 
weighed between four and five hundred pounds!

It's rained almost every evening for weeks and the plants have grown like crazy.  This Poinsettia has
tripled in size since we moved in three and a half months ago.  It now stands over three feet tall!

Thanks for visiting!  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My New Favorite Furniture Wax~Before & After

I bought this antique pine cabinet many years ago and have used it in numerous homes.  The piece is from the early 1800's and probably from Scandanavia.   For years I have thought about painting or white washing it but just couldn't get up the courage to do it.

The other day I decided since this cabinet will probably always have a place in our home so why not go ahead and make changes.  Why live with something you like but not necessary love?

After looking at many paint treatments on Pinterest and researching options I decided to try Liming Wax.  It was super easy to apply and I love the new look.  The change is subtle but tones down the orange of the pine and fits better with our coastal style.